[REPORT] Aerolineas Argentinas’ fleet after the addition of a new Airbus A330-200



As announced, the newest addition to the Aerolíneas Argentinas fleet arrived in Buenos Aires on Thursday (14). The aircraft is a 14-year-old Airbus A330-200 registered LV-KAN.

Aerolíneas Argentinas had not added an aircraft to its fleet since June 2018, when the Boeing 737 MAX 8 registered LV-HKW landed. The COVID-19 pandemic caused delays and modifications to the company’s schedule for aircraft additions.

Regarding new aircraft in the fleet, the airline will shortly take delivery of another Airbus A330 (LV-KAO). The aircraft is currently in San Bernardino, with no confirmed arrival date in Argentina.

Officially, there is no information on future plans and additions to the Aerolíneas Argentinas fleet.

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Aerolíneas Argentinas fleet

AIRBUS A330-200

To see all tables, place the mobile phone in a horizontal position

Airbus A330-223LV-FNJ22.5 Parked
Airbus A330-223LV-FNK21.6 Active
Airbus A330-202LV-FVH7.2 Active
Airbus A330-202LV-FVI7 Active
Airbus A330-202LV-GHQ5.7 Active
Airbus A330-202LV-GIF5.5 Active
Airbus A330-203LV-GKO18.1 Active
Airbus A330-203LV-GKP17.5 Active
Airbus A330-202LV-KAN14.3 To enter in service
Airbus A330-202LV-KAO14.5Expected
BOEING 737-700

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Boeing 737-7BDLV-BYY13 Preserved at EZE
Boeing 737-76NLV-BZA15.9 Active
Boeing 737-76NLV-BZO15.8 Active
Boeing 737-76NLV-CAD15.5 Active
Boeing 737-76NLV-CAP16 Active
Boeing 737-76NLV-CBF16 Preserved
Boeing 737-76NLV-CBT15.1 Active
Boeing 737-7BDLV-GOO12.9 Active
BOEING 737-800

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Boeing 737-81DLV-CXS9.6 Active
Boeing 737-81DLV-CXT9.6 Active
Boeing 737-86JLV-FQB10.6 Active
Boeing 737-86JLV-FQC10.8 Active
Boeing 737-81DLV-FQY7.6 Preserved
Boeing 737-8BKLV-FQZ7.6 Active
Boeing 737-8BKLV-FRK8.3 Parked at EZE
Boeing 737-8BKLV-FRQ8 Parked at EZE
Boeing 737-8BKLV-FSK7.8 Parked at AEP
Boeing 737-8HXLV-FUA7.8 Active
Boeing 737-8HXLV-FUB7.7 Active
Boeing 737-8SHLV-FUC7.4 Active
Boeing 737-8SHLV-FVM7.1 Active
Boeing 737-8SHLV-FVN7 Active
Boeing 737-8SHLV-FVO6.7 Active
Boeing 737-8LPLV-FWS7.5 Active
Boeing 737-8MBLV-FXQ6.7 Active
Boeing 737-8MBLV-FYK6.7 Preserved
Boeing 737-8SHLV-GFQ6.3 Active
Boeing 737-8SHLV-GGK6.2 Active
Boeing 737-8SHLV-GGQ5.9 Preserved
Boeing 737-887LV-GKS5.4 Active
Boeing 737-887LV-GKT5.3 Active
Boeing 737-887LV-GKU5.5 Active
Boeing 737-8SHLV-GUB5.2 Active
Boeing 737-8SHLV-GUC5 Active
Boeing 737-887LV-GVA4.8 Active
Boeing 737-887LV-GVB4.7 Active
Boeing 737-887LV-GVC4.6 Active

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Boeing 737 MAX 8LV-GVD4.4 Active
Boeing 737 MAX 8LV-GVE4.3 Active
Boeing 737 MAX 8LV-HKU4.3 Active
Boeing 737 MAX 8LV-HKV4.2 Active
Boeing 737 MAX 8LV-HKW3.9 Active

To see all tables, place the mobile phone in a horizontal position

Embraer 190LV-CDY11.8 Parked
Embraer 190LV-CDZ11.7 Preserved
Embraer 190LV-CET11.6 Parked
Embraer 190LV-CEU11.5 Parked at EZE
Embraer 190LV-CEV11.5 Parked at EZE
Embraer 190LV-CHO11.4 Active
Embraer 190LV-CHQ11.4 Parked at AEP
Embraer 190LV-CHR11.4 Parked at AEP
Embraer 190LV-CHS11.4 Parked at AEP
Embraer 190LV-CID11.2 Parked at AEP
Embraer 190LV-CIE11.2 Parked at EZE
Embraer 190LV-CIF11.1 Active
Embraer 190LV-CIG11 Active
Embraer 190LV-CIH11 Parked at EZE
Embraer 190LV-CKZ10.9 Parked at AEP
Embraer 190LV-CMA10.8 Active
Embraer 190LV-CMB10.7 Active
Embraer 190LV-CPI10.7 Active
Embraer 190LV-CPJ10.7 Active
Embraer 190LV-CPK10.6 Active
Embraer 190LV-FPS8.6 Active
Embraer 190LV-FPT8.5 Preserved
Embraer 190LV-GAQ13 Active
Embraer 190LV-GBK12.7 Active
Embraer 190LV-GIK5.8 Active
Embraer 190LV-GIQ5.8 Active
  • Parked: flew in the last year, and has not operated for several months.
  • Preserved: no flights in the last year.
  • Airbus A330-200: 9
  • Boeing 737-700: 8
  • Boeing 737-800/MAX 8: 34
  • Embraer 190: 26


The Airbus A330-223 LV-FNJ will soon leave Argentina, leaving Aerolíneas Argentinas with 9 Airbus A330s when the LV-KAO arrives.

See also: Aerolíneas Argentinas presents the “Corredor Atlántico.

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