It’s ready! The first Embraer E190 was delivered with Aerolíneas Argentinas livery



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This Wednesday, March 3, the Embraer E190 LV-CMA, which used to be part of Austral’s fleet, departed from Fábrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA) in Córdoba wearing Aerolíneas Argentinas’ livery.

The aircraft took off from the runway of Escuela de Aviación Militar at 1:10 p.m. as flight AR1003 bound to Ezeiza´s airport. The delivery of this aircraft will lead to the arrival of other E190 aircraft to also adopt Aerolíneas Argentinas scheme.

We share with you this exclusive photo gallery from inside the workshop:

Previously we had participated in a visit to FAdeA on February 19 to see the beginning of the painting process.

The LV-CMA had been seen in transfer within FAdeA´s facilities on Monday, from the paint hangar to hangar 181 to carry weight and balance checks and pre-flying controls before its delivery.

The plane has been in FAdeA since last January 27 for the painting work and checks that are part of the scheduled maintenance on this Embraer E-190.

The movement between hangars took just over 20 minutes and left the Embraer E190 next to LATAM’s Airbus A-319, which is also in Fábrica Argentina de Aviones for maintenance tasks. In this hangar, the E190 was weighed three times obtaining an average, for which the technical staff of Aerolíneas Argentinas used their own equipment.

This is the video that we took last monday:


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