[Video] JetBlue received its first Airbus A220


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JetBlue announced today that it has formally received its first Airbus A220-300 aircraft. The aircraft, registration N3008J, is being delivered from Airbus’ US production facilities in Mobile, Alabama. It is the first 70 A220 delivery JetBlue has on order, which will replace the existing fleet of 60 Embraer 190 aircraft.

«The A220 is a next-generation aircraft that our customers and crew will love, with impressive range and superior economics to support critical financial and operational priorities along with new network planning flexibility,» said Robin Hayes, Director. JetBlue executive.

«We evolve our fleet for the future, the significant reduction in emissions per seat from the A220 supports our continued commitment to carbon neutrality for all our domestic flights and brings us closer to achieving our commitment to net-zero carbon emissions in all operations by 2040 «.

The A220 has a direct operating cost per seat almost 30 percent lower than the current E190. The plane will also help reset JetBlue’s maintenance costs even further well into the decade. The airline anticipates that the A220 fleet, with higher reliability and longer maintenance intervals, will have a maintenance cost per seat that is more than 40 percent lower than that of the E190s.

With a range of up to 3,350 nautical miles and 40 percent lower fuel consumption per seat than the E190, the aircraft opens the door to new markets and routes that would not have been profitable with JetBlue’s existing fleet. The A220 covers a wide mix of new and existing market possibilities with excellent economics in short, medium, and even potentially transcontinental markets. This will allow for better overall aircraft utilization and provide a competitive advantage for JetBlue in short-haul markets.

«JetBlue has revolutionized air travel, and we at Airbus are proud that our 20-year relationship has played a role in the many successes of the airline,» said C. Jeffrey Knittel, President and CEO of Airbus Americas, Inc. » This first A220-300 delivery creates new route possibilities for JetBlue and elevates the passenger experience to even higher standards »

The A220 is powered exclusively by Pratt & Whitney GTF engines, which offer double-digit improvements in fuel and carbon emissions. Optimizing fuel economy is an important first step in JetBlue’s cost-conscious sustainability strategy, and prioritizing fuel-efficient aircraft and engines aligns with JetBlue’s approach to reducing emissions.

«This delivery marks another great milestone for JetBlue and Pratt & Whitney,» said Rick Deurloo, Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Vice President of Pratt & Whitney. “We are honored that JetBlue has operated Pratt & Whitney powered aircraft from the beginning and that JetBlue has selected GTF powered aircraft for the airline’s next-generation fleets. We look forward to supporting JetBlue’s expansion and its commitment to sustainable aviation, «he concluded.


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