Argentina: Lockdown Extension put in Doubt Flights Resumption


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This Monday, October 12, the Argentinian President, Alberto Fernandez, signed a decree extending until October 25 the lockdown measures in order to stop COVID-19.

The decree prohibit «public service of passenger transport, interurban, interjurisdictional and international», and also tourism.

This also maintains the prohibition of entry into Argentine territory to non-resident foreigners through any border point.

In the case of interurban and interjurisdictional public transport, in addition to authorizing its use to those who fall under the category of essentials workers, this time people who must carry out «medical treatments and their companions» are added to those who can travel.

The aviation industry rest hope for a complementary resolution to be published this week by the Ministry of Transport authorizing the return of regular flights, whose suspension until now had been automatically extended to the extension of the lockdown.


Edgardo Gimenez Mazó
Cofundador de Redactor en Aviación Comercial e Infraestructura. Director Comercial. Lic. en Marketing. Especialización en Gestión Aeroportuaria. Egresado de la Escuela de Educación Técnica Aeronáutica N°32 de Resistencia.

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