Ecuador’s Equair Halts Operations Two Years After Launch


The Ecuadorian airline Equair announced unexpectedly this Saturday the suspension of all its regular flights. This comes two years after the start of its operations as the first airline with 100% Ecuadorian capital in several years.

Through a statement, Equair said it “has upheld commitments to safety, sustainability, service, quality, and, as it should be, the pursuit of profitability”, but after “a constant market analysis” they made the “responsible decision to suspend their activities, complying with all open processes within the labor, fiscal, and operational framework”.

The company also assures that they have personally communicated with their over 200 employees “in a personal manner” to thank them for their contributions these years and inform them that they will be given “all the support and advice during the process of disengagement”.

On the other hand, for the passengers, Equair reports that they have closed a protection agreement with LATAM Ecuador, so they will be transferred with this airline at no additional cost.

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For inquiries, Equair provided the phone numbers 1800 EQUAIR or 1800 378247 or 0963871680.

Summarizing its two years of operations, the company said it reached a frequency of up to 66 weekly flights between Quito and Guayaquil, 12 to the Galápagos Islands, and up to 10 to El Coca, having captured 17% of the Ecuadorian domestic market. Their fleet consisted of three Boeing 737-700s with an average age of 13.5 years.

“We want to extend our gratitude to all our allies, human capital, suppliers, and to all of Ecuador for opening their doors and allowing Equair to become a reality. Today we look to the future and focus on the new challenges that today’s world presents, in a dynamic environment that forces us to adapt to change in an agile and strategic manner,” they concluded.

LATAM Ecuador

Following Equair’s announcement, LATAM Ecuador confirmed that it will protect passengers who have tickets with Equair.

“This decision comes after the cessation of operations announced by the airline and through a non-profit passenger protection agreement between LATAM and Equair, in response to the request of the Ecuadorian authorities to provide attention to the airline’s passengers, and with LATAM’s firm commitment to maintain the country’s connectivity,” they added.

Edgardo Gimenez Mazó
Edgardo Gimenez Mazó
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