FIDAE 2022: Leonardo won’t miss it


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Leonardo, the renowned Italian aerospace, defense and security company, will participate in the 22nd edition of the Air and Space Fair (FIDAE) with its state-of-the-art technologies, capable of meeting the present and future needs of civil and military operators.



Leonardo will exhibit some of its most advanced products, such as:


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SAGE is a digital ESM / ELINT for RF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. It has both single and multi-platform geo-location of RF assets, parallel wideband and channelised receivers, and delivers instantaneous detection and ELINT analysis.

Leonardo SAGE
Small and lightweight, the SAGE system can be installed on a wide range of aerial platforms.

SAGE is suitable for a range of aircraft, from tactical UAVs and light helicopters to larger reconnaissance and maritime patrol aircraft.


The BriteCloud digital radio frequency jammer (DRFM) is designed to disrupt the tracking systems of incoming radar-guided missiles, tricking them into believing the decoy is the actual targeted aircraft, successfully causing the missile to explode away from the aircraft.

BriteCloud FIDAE 2022
BriteCloud Active RF decoy system

BriteCloud was designed to respond to the growing range of airborne and surface radio frequency threats to fighter, transport or special mission aircraft.

BriteCloud is ejected from a standard flare dispenser, thereby moving any incoming threat away from the aircraft, minimizing the risk of an incoming missile exploding near the aircraft.

In addition, Leonardo will showcase its latest technologies for the development of smart and sustainable cities.

For Leonardo, Latin America represents a strategic region due to the need of many countries to equip themselves with security and civil protection systems, and FIDAE is the perfect platform to enter the market in the Region.

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