Brazilian Air Force formally opens bid for 2 Airbus A330-MRTT

On January 27’s National Gazette, the Brazilian Air Force initiated the bidding process for the acquisition of two Airbus A330-200 and its subsequent conversion to the Multi-Role Transport Tanker (MRTT) variant.

The bid mandates for manufacturing data to be later than January 1, 2014, to ensure conversion compatibility. The two A330 MRTT will allow the FAB to recover widebody transport capabilities, lost after the three-year lease of a Boeing 767 ended in 2019.

The KC-X3 program considered two options: Boeing KC-46 and Airbus A330-MRTT. In May 2021, Brazil’s Defence Ministry moved forward with the recommendation of purchasing two pre-owned aircraft and discarding a requirement for offsets, due to the low amount of units.

This force multiplier will provide FAB with long-range refueling capabilities for its fleet, including the recently acquired F-39 Gripen NG. Deliveries should begin in 2023/4, as the bid is just starting and the conversion process -to be performed in Getafe, Spain- demands close to 18 months per aircraft, without considering the current MRTT backlog.

Pablo Díaz (diazpez)
Pablo Díaz (diazpez)
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