Four Russian airlines agree to purchase 58 Superjet 100s at MAKS


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In the framework of the International Aviation and Space Show MAKS 2021 that takes place this week in Moscow, four airlines agreed to the acquisition of 58 Superjet 100s. This is part of the reactivation of the Russian market in cities with less demand.

In the presence of the Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov, the different agreements were signed together with the commercial directors of each airline.

The first was Rossiya, which will incorporate 15 aircraft through PSB Aviaprofleasing. Under the terms of the contract, the Superjet 100 will enter the fleet at the end of 2021. They will have capacity for 100 passengers in a single cabin.

The airline belongs to the Aeroflot Group, its flights are usually focused on the vacation business. By decision of the group, they will be directed to operate regional and domestic routes. To do this, Aeroflot will transfer its entire Superjet fleet to Rossiya, totaling 84 aircraft of the model, including the recent order.

The regional airline Azimuth was the next to announce a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for 10 SSJ 100s, which will be added to the other 15 of the same model that it currently operates. Deliveries will last until 2026.

As part of its strategy to create a Russian airline focused on the Far East, Aurora has signed a preliminary agreement to acquire eight Superjet 100s through the state-owned leassing company GTLK. The aircraft will be delivered between 2022 and 2024.

Aurora will be Russified in the next five years.

After divesting from the Aeroflot group, the objective of the investment project is to stimulate the acquisition by 2025 of 45 aircraft for the Far Eastern Federal District, which includes Superjet 100, Il-114-300, L-410 NG and LMS aircraft «Baikal». The company currently has nine Airbus A319s and 10 DHC 8-400/300/200.

Finally, Red Wings agreed for 25 SSJ 100s to be delivered between 2021 and 2022. Since September 2020, the airline has seven aircraft via leasing. As a result of this agreement, the number of Superjets in the company’s fleet will reach 32, making it the second largest operator of this model in the world.

Red Wings will become the second largest operator of the SSJ 100. Image: Red Wings

«The civil aircraft fleet of Russian airlines is being renewed, and it is true that this is due to domestically produced aircraft. According to the VTsIOM survey, there is an obvious demand among passengers to expand the route network in Russia without going through Moscow, and it is the SSJ-100, with its characteristics, which can cover this need,” said Denis Manturov.

The model itself was intended to replace the outdated and inefficient Yakovlev Yak-42 and Tupolev-134, which were plentiful in the 2000s. After the establishment of stricter noise standards in ICAO regulations in 2002, both models were progressively withdrawing from Western Europe.

In 2007 began a series of incidents and accidents of the Tupolev and other Russian models. Russia’s Transport Minister at the time, Igor Levitin, called for all Russian airlines to take down the ex-USSR models, so many airlines turned to Western manufacturers.

When the Superjet 100 emerged, at that time manufactured by Sukhoi and today transferred to United Aircraft Corporation and Irkut Corporation, several Russian airlines began to order this model.

According to Yuri Slyusar, CEO of United Aircraft Corporation (PJSC UAC, part of Rostec State Corporation), more than 200 routes between Russian cities have been opened using the SSJ 100 in the last two years.

“We are pleased that our aircraft is contributing to increase the mobility of Russian citizens and we appreciate the government’s support for the development of the SSJ 100 program. Thanks to our joint efforts, the flight time of the aircraft is increasing and its after-sales service is improving.» Slyusar added.

The director of the regional aircraft branch of the Irkut corporation, Oleg Gulyaev, said that 23 SSJ100 aircraft are planned to be produced in 2021 and 18 in 2022.

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