Eastern Airlines launches new route between Miami and Montevideo


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According to the information obtained by Aviacionline through the reservation system, Eastern Airlines will have regular flights between Miami and Montevideo from June 3rd. Operations will be carried out in the Boeing 767-300(ER), with a capacity for 244 passengers.

Montevideo, capital city of Uruguay, will be the seventh destination of Eastern from Miami, and the 13th route of its global network, if we take into account the routes regularly operated from New York and the new routes that they plan to start from Boston and JFK International Airport.

Foto: Adam E Moreira – Wikimedia Commons – Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

During 2020 Eastern Airlines had scheduled repatriation flights between Miami and Montevideo for September and December. Finally, these operations were canceled.


Flight From ETD To ETA
2D 154 Miami (MIA) 08:00 Montevideo (MVD) 18:45
2D 155 Montevideo (MVD) 07:45 Miami (MIA) 16:30
  • 2D 154: departure from Miami every Thrusday at 8 am.
  • 2D 155: departure from Montevideo every Friday at 7:45 am.
Flight From ETD To ETA
2D 154 Miami (MIA) 19:59 Montevideo (MVD) 06:44 +1
2D 155 Montevideo (MVD) 20:59 Miami (MIA) 05:44 +1
  • 2D 154: departure from Miami every Sunday at 7:59 pm.
  • 2D 155: departure from Montevideo every Monday at 8:59 pm.

With this schedule, Eastern Airlines will offer a total of 488 weekly seats between Miami and Montevideo and vice versa. Currently American Airlines, with its two flights per week on the Boeing 777-200(ER), offers 546 seats.

After announcing the suspension of American’s regular flights between Miami and Montevideo at the end of March, Eastern Airlines was the most interested airline in continuing operations between the two cities. For now, Eastern will operate flights to Uruguay until October, as indicated in the reservation system, although demand will be one of the key factors for the continuation or suspension of operations. American will resume flights to the Montevideo in December, with the same schedule as it currently has.

Eastern’s current routes and those it plans to add in the coming months:

  • Boston – Belo Horizonte – Boston: from May 30th.
  • Boston – Santo Domingo – Boston: from May 26th.
  • Miami – Asuncion – Miami: 1 weekly flight.
  • Miami – Belo Horizonte – Miami: from May 31st.
  • Miami – Guayaquil – Miami: 2 weekly flights.
  • Miami – Managua – Miami: 1 weekly flight.
  • Miami – Montevideo – Miami: from June 3rd.
  • Miami – Santo Domingo – Miami: from May 27th.
  • Miami – Quito – Miami: from May 26th.
  • New York (JFK) – Anchorage – New York (JFK): from May 27th.
  • New York (JFK) – Belo Horizonte – New York (JFK): from June 1st.
  • New York (JFK) – Guayaquil – New York (JFK): 2 weekly flights.
  • New York (JFK) – Quito – New York (JFK): from May 30th.
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