Cuba Reopens its Airports


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The Cuban Air Navigation Company (ECNA) announced that starting today it reinstates scheduled flights at all international airports in Cuba, with the exception of Havana, where air traffic will continue to be restricted at least until October 31.

The statement also informs that the only activities authorized at the Havana Airport are humanitarian flights and cargo flights.

Passengers who arrive at the different airports in Cuba from today, must arrive with a maximum of 2 pieces of luggage that do not exceed 32 kg each.

“Everything can change, depending on the situation of COVID 19 in Cuba. For now it is under control, according to official numbers, ”said Moisés Ávila Roldán, a journalist for the Agence France-Presse (AFP) in Havana.

The airports in Cuba that are enabled to receive passengers from other countries are: Abel Santamaría International Airport in Santa Clara, Jardines del Rey International Airport in Cayo Coco, Vilo Acuña International Airport in Isla de la Juventud and the Airport Juan Gualberto Gómez de Varadero International, which today will receive an Air Canada flight with the first tourists after several months.

On October 31, visitors will start arriving from Germany with Condor leisure airline.

Holguín “Frank País” Airport, located 11 km from the city downtown, is already certified and with the urgency of being one of the most important tourist centers by its proximity to Guardalavaca beach.

Another airport that begins operating today is Sierra Maestra in the city of Manzanillo in Granma, also the Jaime González de Cienfuegos international airport and the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the capital of Granma.

From Cancun, Viva Aerobús will arrive in Camagüey from October 20 with fares starting at USD 148 dollars and to Santiago de Cuba International Airport from October 22 with fares starting at $ 164 dollars.

Foreign tourists who wish to arrive in Cuba and visit Havana for the moment will have to wait, but everything indicates that not for long since the epidemiological situation on the island remains under control with 5,883 total cases according to the latest published information.

Andrés Lavallén
Flight Dispatcher. Encargado de operación de vuelo. Estibador. Amante de la aviación. Papá de Sofi. Desde Córdoba, Argentina.

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