Chile Removes Quarantine on Arrival Requirement for Passengers if They Present a Negative RT-PCR Test


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Effective Monday, October 19, Chilean authorities will allow travelers to enter the country without observing a 14-day quarantine, provided that arriving passengers have taken a RT-PCR test up to 72 hours before their entry.

The measure applies only to Chilean nationals and foreign residents, as the country is still not open to international travel. Nuevo Pudahuel, the operator of Santiago de Chile’s Airport, has stated that the test must be performed in an authorized laboratory of the country of origin, as the terminal does not provide tests on arrival.

Passengers that are unable to fulfill this requirement will still need to observe a 14-day quarantine. Residents in Santiago’s metropolitan area can quarantine at his or her own home. It is also allowed to stay at the home of a relative or friend in the Metropolitan region, taking into account the risk involved.

For those passengers who prefer to minimize the risk of contagion to cohabitants, the national health authority provides transitional housing in the Metropolitan region, where they are fully covered for quarantine purposes.

Also, passengers have the option to quarantine in a hotel in the Metropolitan region. In this case, the hotel details must be specified in the referral document.

Finally, if the passenger doesn’t live in the Metropolitan Region, they can quarantine at their final destination as long as they travel in a private vehicle and provide all vehicle details to the authorities.

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